At sunset, a drone captures an aerial view of two industrial warehouse buildings as the warm light covers the rooftops.

Industrial warehouse construction

Cosio Industries

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Coresteel Buildings - Bracketless Portal System


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13 months

Industrial Warehouse Construction Expands Rolleston Facility: Cosio Industries

In 2013, Joe Cosio contracted Coresteel Buildings Christchurch to design and build a sizable industrial warehouse distribution centre for Cosio Industries, an agricultural, horticultural and geotextile product supplier. The plan was to extend the Rolleston industrial steel building as the enterprise grew.

Fast forward to 2020, and Cosio's tailored commercial buildings expansion project was a natural progression of the client's foresight coupled with Coresteel's ongoing relationship with Cosio Industries.

Our director, Stephen Fitzgerald, guided the client through the construction consultancy process to identify their new requirements, including expanded devanning and loading capabilities. The tailored commercial buildings and facilities were to comply with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) standards.

The facade of an industrial office and warehouse building glows in the sunset while silhouetted against an azure-blue sky.
Cosio industries commercial steel building 14
At sunset, a drone captures an aerial view of two industrial warehouse buildings as the warm light covers the rooftops.
During sunset, a drone captures an aerial view of two industrial warehouse buildings directly below as warm light covers the rooftops.
A massive grey industrial warehouse building stands out against the beautiful blue sky with the setting sun shining on its gable end.
A vivid blue sky towers over a U-shaped industrial warehouse with a central concrete yard accessed by four roller doors.
A dazzling sunset glints along the exterior sidewall of a dark grey industrial warehouse with a large roller door.
Located on the front gable end of a grey industrial warehouse building is a office and reception area.
A quiet sunset casts light and shadow on a white industrial office building with a glass double-door entry.

Robust Industrial Steel Building Options: Coresteel Buildings

Following our recommendation, the client chose to use Coresteel Building's distinctive Bracketless Portal System for the industrial steel building structure. By utilising this system, the steel structure of the extension would be identical to the main building's, ensuring a seamless and complementary addition.

"We provide full construction services, including engineering and manufacturing custom steel structures in-house," Stephen clarifies. "Our steel systems are cutting-edge, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. If you are searching for building solutions for your industrial warehouses, consider our Coresteel Buildings Donobeam or Bracketless Portal System, which work great for large spaces like Cosio Industries. On the other hand, our light gauge steel system is an ideal fit for smaller commercial storage units."

Fluorescent lights illuminate the interior of a large industrial warehouse that contains neat aisles of agricultural goods.
The interior of an industrial storage warehouse features exposed steel framing and a roller door at the end.
A raised metal roller door provides a glimpse inside a spacious industrial steel building that houses shelves of various goods.
Mighty steel portals and beams arch across the interior of a concrete industrial warehouse that houses shelves of horticultural goods.
Mighty steel portals and beams arch across the interior of a concrete industrial warehouse building with shelves of goods.
Industrial shelving holds numerous rolls of agricultural and horticultural materials inside a vast steel warehouse.
Inside a steel warehouse building with neatly arranged steel shelves and a large fabric rolling machine.

Tailored Commercial Buildings: Coresteel's Unique Solution

While planning the Cosio Industries expansion, the team realised that some aspects of the construction work could cause disruptions in the daily operations of the facilities.

The primary obstacle was the client's plan to replace the outdated hardstand. Demolishing the existing concrete slab would reduce functional space and cause operational challenges for Cosio Industries.

After brainstorming, the strategic team realised that the solution was straightforward. Coresteel Buildings would first construct the proposed industrial warehouse, immediately providing Cosio Industries with more usable space. Afterwards, civil works contractors could upgrade the hardstand without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

Seamless Collaboration Between Coresteel and Cosio Industries

Stephen conducted routine meetings with Cosio's on-site manager during the industrial warehouse construction process. These frequent evaluations and reports fully assured stakeholders that business activities continued as usual. "We are with you every step of the way," Stephen reassures.

After receiving the Code of Compliance and completing the final handover, Cosio Industries wasted no time moving into its new space. This warehouse extension was a resounding success, highlighting the importance of staying connected throughout the project lifecycle and fostering solid Cantabrian partnerships.

Client quote

"We were happy to use Coresteel Buildings again after experiencing their high-quality work on the initial construction of our Christchurch warehouse and distribution centre. Dealing with Steve has been hassle-free, and his team is very easygoing and professional. They handle their work efficiently and clean up after themselves.

Effective communication is everything. When you're investing a significant amount of money, you expect a clear path forward. Steve and his team recognised my dedication to Cosio Industries and my family's future in Canterbury, so we were on the same page to get the job done well. We faced challenges along the way, which is only natural on construction projects, but the communication was always there, and I never felt too much pressure.

Our warehouse expansion relieved pressure on the Auckland branch by offering an alternative for container redirection, and the head office is happy with how efficient the building is. Coresteel Buildings did a good job from the beginning, including health and safety. We've built a good relationship, and I'm pleased with this partnership."

Colin Bratton

Christchurch Branch Manager


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