An aerial view of ECan's purpose built office building and depot, nestled amidst lush trees, with a railway running along the rear.

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Delve into the intricacies of the Environment Canterbury project, where the principles of environmental consciousness are seamlessly integrated into the design and construction of a commercial haven. From sustainable materials to energy-efficient systems, witness how this project sets a benchmark for eco-friendly construction practices in the building sector.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Construction: The Environment Canterbury Project Case Study

In the heart of Canterbury, amidst the rivers and mountains, lies a unique construction endeavour that stands as a testament to innovation and ingenuity — the Environment Canterbury (ECan) project, a bespoke commercial haven thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of field workers and office staff alike.

This purpose-built office facility is a double-story marvel spanning 835 square meters, complemented by a spacious 436-square-meter stand-alone garage. More than just a typical office fit out, the eco-friendly commercial construction project showcases a seamless blend of functionality, sustainability, and cultural significance.

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A Superbly Tailored Commercial Construction Solution for Environment Canterbury

What makes this commercial design and build truly unique is its unconventional scope. Picture field workers navigating rugged terrain and wading through rivers, only to return to buildings lacking the facilities needed for efficient cleanup and transition to the lab or office desk. This was the challenge laid before us — to bridge the gap between the raw beauty of nature and the comfort of a modern office fit out.

Choosing Sustainable Building Materials for Eco-friendly Commercial Construction

To meet this challenge head-on, we listened to the client's needs and devised a transitional facility with state-of-the-art amenities. From spacious mudrooms to open-plan workstations and private meeting rooms, we carefully tailored every detail to ensure functionality without compromising comfort.

This commercial design-and-build showcases green building solutions in action and our commitment to being good to the earth. Insulated PIR panels trap warmth and repel the Canterbury chill, and solar panels harness sunlight to generate energy for the sophisticated HVAC system. Coresteel Buildings engineered and manufactured this commercial steel building using the innovative DonoBeam system, which is proven to have a lower carbon footprint.

These sustainable building materials and eco-friendly design elements have rendered the building nearly self-sufficient. We believe in future-proofing our buildings through clever construction and greener products like Coresteel Buildings so that Cantabrians can enjoy our facilities for decades.

A Symphony of Functionality, Aesthetics and Cultural Integration

At the project's core lies the principle of tailored design—every element carefully considered to offer maximum utility and functionality. From custom joinery designed for highly technical equipment to hardwearing surfaces, the building exudes versatility, robustness, and utilitarianism.

But functionality was not the sole purpose. We collaborated closely with ECan and Kāi Tahu to infuse the space with aesthetic appeal and weave the site's rich cultural heritage into the fabric of the building. Cultural events, such as a ceremonial blessing and soil turning, marked important project milestones. The grand unveiling was celebrated by ECan staff, contractors, and stakeholders, emphasising the endeavour's collaborative spirit and cultural significance.

Ply linings bring a touch of warmth to the exposed steel industrial building design, carving out versatile spaces and inviting break areas. The entranceway, constructed in I-beam steel with Kwila decking, features locally fabricated Corten steel balustrades with Tuia cutouts.

A large kōhatu (boulder), known as Ki Uta ki Tai, was borne from the hills near the Waimakariri River gorge and now rests at the entranceway. This landmark represents the ancient passage of water from the mountains to the ocean and respectfully welcomes visitors. Each detail sets the stage for an immersive experience.

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Smart Processes Are Key to Achieving Project Management Excellence

The success of this project owes much to our team's unwavering dedication to efficiency and excellence in eco-friendly commercial construction. Our project managers, builders, estimators, and kaimahi (staff) were fully engaged and committed, enabling us to meet ambitious deadlines and stay within budget.

We engaged an independent consultant to perform on-site audits, ensuring the highest health and safety standards. Though not obligatory, these evaluations demonstrate our commitment to industry-leading safety protocols, reflected in our SiteWise Gold accreditation.

From regulatory compliance challenges to last-minute field changes, each hurdle was met with strategic planning, clever resource allocation and meticulous execution. Likewise, our long-standing relationships with experienced local contractors allow us to deliver projects from concept to completion with complete confidence.

Environment Canterbury Facility Elevates Visitor Experience

As the curtains rise on the completed project, the stage is set for an immersive experience. When visitors enter the Environment Canterbury office, they embark on a journey where functionality intertwines with aesthetics and eco-friendly commercial construction melds seamlessly with cultural heritage.

The ECan Kainga office is a unique building that beautifully blends form and function. Our tailored commercial building solution not only fulfils the requirements of its occupants but also enriches their lives and connects them more deeply to the land upon which it stands.

It serves as a beacon of possibility, inspiring us to envision spaces that meet our needs today, honour our past, and safeguard our future.

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Versatile spaces within ECan's purpose built office, characterised by high benches, exposed plywood wall accents, and vibrant indoor greenery.
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Our approach emphasises sustainable architecture and green design principles to enhance your building's energy efficiency and minimise its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle.

From strategic window placement that maximises natural light to high-performance insulation that optimises heat retention, we carefully tailor every design choice to reduce carbon emissions.

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At the heart of our mission to become more sustainable builders lies the remarkable Coresteel DonoBeam system.

As verified by Monash University, Coresteel DonoBeam delivers up to 40% carbon emission savings compared to traditional steel construction methods.

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Absolutely. We can arrange for you to view various commercial and industrial projects that have been constructed by Corcon. Our director will personally accompany you onsite to guide you through the finished buildings and answer any questions you may have. This will allow you to see the quality and craftsmanship firsthand.

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