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EzyStor's Commercial Storage Development: Setting New Standards

EzyStor, a specialist in self-storage solutions, has expanded its horizons with the latest development of commercial storage units to rent in Christchurch.

Spanning 2,200 square metres, this commercial storage development pioneers a series of planned storage developments by the New Zealand enterprise.

With 154 carefully designed storage units spread across two buildings, this construction project has established a standardised model to guide future stages of EzyStor's commercial storage development.

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Redefining Quality in Commercial Storage Development

Teamwork and collaboration served as stepping stones in the success of EzyStor's commercial storage unit development. Carefully listening to the self-storage provider's requests was central to crafting a cutting-edge steel structure tailored for longevity and safety.

Crucial items include fire rating, ventilation, and auxiliary services to guarantee low maintenance and optimal performance over the long term. Corcon's unique light gauge steel came into play because it can maximise quality while remaining cost-effective.

The Corcon Opportunity: Commercial Storage Units

Corcon's all-inclusive turnkey package is instrumental to commercial storage developments, primarily because of the benefits offered by in-house engineering and local manufacturing.

Being seasoned experts in commercial steel buildings, Corcon's construction team brings expert advice and innovative solutions to the table. The result on this project is a robust commercial storage development with dry, safe units ready to take on the daily grind.

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Dean Bell on Partnership and Progress: EzyStor's Journey with Corcon

As Dean Bell, General Manager of EzyStor, attests, Corcon is a trusted partner committed to continuous improvement. Despite challenges, our transparency and proactive approach ensure every project is a step towards better steel buildings.

This commercial storage development isn't just about bricks and mortar—it's about creating a long-term partnership based on transparency, problem-solving and forward-thinking.

We are excited to collaborate with another Kiwi enterprise to create expert commercial storage solutions.

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EzyStor commercial storage development 24
Client Quote

Our aim was to develop a standard model for EzyStor to roll out on new and existing sites across New Zealand. We wanted superior product quality, timely delivery, and efficient procurement across the board.

Transparent communication is critical, and I am impressed with Corcon's management, who kept me informed throughout the process despite supply challenges. Stephen brought a straightforward approach, and Brett ensured the construction site was neatly maintained and well-secured, with outstanding health and safety.

Corcon's light steel framing is excellent, and we are eager to use it on future buildings. This project offered lessons that we will use to improve efficiency in the following stages. I have no hesitation in recommending Corcon.

Dean Bell

General Manager


Corcon follows strict health and safety protocols during steel erection, ensuring that all workers are trained, equipped with safety gear, and adhere to best practices to prevent accidents. We are SiteSafe Gold accredited—the highest SiteWise status. Our construction team is trained continuously to ensure safe work methods.

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Coresteel stands at the forefront of steel construction in New Zealand and is known for delivering customised building solutions. We specialise in creating robust and enduring Coresteel structures for our clients.

In-house design experts adapt Coresteel's exclusive systems, such as DonoBeam® or the Bracketless Portal System, to tailor a design to your requirements.

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In-house manufacturing allows our project management team to have better control over production schedules, ensuring timely delivery of materials and faster project completion without compromising on quality.

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