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Transforming Timber Processing Facilities: A Warehouse Construction Case Study

Aiming to expand and enhance its warehousing and timber processing facilities, Sutherland Timber turned to Coresteel Buildings Christchurch, a renowned specialist in industrial warehouse construction with a track record of similar projects. We collaborated closely with the Sutherland family to develop a steel building tailored to their personal needs.

Century of Excellence: Legacy in the Sawmill Industry

Established in 1920, Sutherland Timber has been a prominent figure in the timber yard industry for over 100 years. The family-owned sawmilling enterprise is situated in Kaiapoi, a short 20-minute drive north of Christchurch.

Sutherland Timber boasts an impressive annual output of 20,000m3 of Douglas Fir and Pinus Radiata and serves markets across Asia, Australia, America, and New Zealand. The company carries a rich history as a trusted timber processing plant with a wealth of accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Sutherland timber processing facilities 05
Sutherland timber processing facilities 04
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Coresteel's Forward-Thinking Strategy Creates Innovative Building Solutions

We designed an industrial warehouse that improved operational efficiency and upgraded existing infrastructure, with provision for further growth down the track.

The building required 7-metre wide access doors that could withstand the heavy use of 28-tonne forklifts. To solve this issue, we added reinforced joints and removed roller door rebates, creating a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor.

Special attention was paid to future power requirements, and a large switchboard was added to accommodate upgrades down the line. Solar panels were integrated during the design and consent phase, providing the client with an upgrade to the eco-friendly commercial construction.

Coresteel's Smart Warehouse Construction Solutions Save Money

During this project, Coresteel's expertise in building timber processing facilities led to significant cost savings through value-driven engineering and creative pre-planning. We provided the client with a site-specific plan to optimise civil works, achieve a lower budget and shorten construction timelines.

Our in-house engineering and estimation software enables us to provide precise estimates and find alternative solutions during design. Moreover, the unique Coresteel Buildings design minimises steel usage, ensuring unparalleled cost-effectiveness and value in warehouse construction cost.

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Seamless Operations: Our Project Managers Deliver Disruption-Free Project

Like many clients, the Sutherland family developed their existing timber processing facilities around a fully functioning timber yard. Given its status as a working saw mill, it was crucial to minimise disruptions to daily operations during the warehouse construction.

Our commitment to transparent communication fostered a positive working relationship with the Sutherland family throughout the industrial warehouse construction. Keeping tight schedules and rigorous health and safety protocols ensured smooth project execution, laying the groundwork for a solid partnership.

Collaborating for Success: Coresteel and Sutherland Family's Partnership

More than just a building, this project represents a significant milestone for Sutherland Timber—a tangible step towards the future envisioned for their timber processing facilities.

As the dust settles and operations resume within the newly expanded timber processing facilities, the client expressed utmost satisfaction with the warehouse construction quality and pricing accuracy. The company has experienced undeniable advantages to their enterprise and firmly believes the building has delivered excellent value for the money spent.

The collaborative approach, innovative solutions, and emphasis on client needs resulted in timber processing facilities that meet operational requirements and provide long-term value. The Sutherland Timber development has laid the foundation for continued success, growth, and prosperity in the years to come.

Stephen Fitzgerald, Corcon director, celebrates with three generations of delighted Sutherlands at the project roof shout.


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