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Building Excellence with Coresteel Buildings Patented Steel Systems

Our commitment to excellence extends to our choice of technology. With Coresteel Buildings, we harness cutting-edge design technology and expert engineering to construct commercial and industrial steel buildings of virtually any size, all without compromising structural integrity.

Coresteel Buildings: Innovation Meets Durability

Using a Coresteel Buildings steel structure for your project offers significant advantages, including cost savings in steel and a robust design solution suitable for a wide range of applications such as factories, warehouses, offices, bulk stores, showrooms, and retail spaces.

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Harvey Norman selects the DonoBeam® structure by Coresteel Buildings for their distribution centre construction

Tailored Steel Building Solutions to Fit Your Vision

We specialise in tailoring steel buildings to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need features like gantry cranes, specific floor loadings, or specialised extraction systems, we have the expertise to design and deliver a solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and objectives.

Our experienced design team will adapt our exclusive Coresteel Buildings systems—be it the innovative DonoBeam® or the unique Bracketless Portal System—to create custom designs that match your exact specifications. Both these advanced steel systems allow vast interior space free from interfering centre poles or braces, delivering high spans and greater design flexibility.

Elevate Your Vision with Coresteel Buildings: Your Trusted Steel Building Partner

When you partner with Coresteel Buildings, you're not just investing in steel buildings; you're investing in a partnership built on precision, innovation, and a commitment to turning your unique vision into reality. Trust Coresteel Buildings to tailor your steel building solution to perfection.

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Cosio Industries opts for the unique Bracketless Portal System by Coresteel Buildings in their industrial steel structure

Significant Carbon Emission Reduction: Leading the Way in Sustainability

We are proud to champion sustainability. Research proves that using Coresteel Buildings DonoBeam® lowers carbon emissions by more than 40% compared to conventional steel systems.

Several exciting features make this possible, including the efficient tapered design, a reduced overall surface area (resulting in fewer raw materials), less transport emissions, plus a simple, quick construction process which reduces labour costs.

Complete Confidence in Our Expertise and Innovative Steel Solutions

There is a reason why Coresteel Buildings is New Zealand's largest franchised commercial construction company. Our reputation is built on decades of experience in delivering cost-effective design and build solutions.

Combining our expertise with our innovative portal systems allows you to save time and money, taking projects from concept to completion with complete confidence.

Elevate your projects with Coresteel Buildings – where superior steel systems meet unparalleled expertise.

A close-up view showcasing the Coresteel Buildings DonoBeam® portal system on the Roofing Industries industrial steel building extension

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